So Many Books, So little Time…


For my inaugural blog post here, I’m going to address a serious problem that fellow book-nerds everywhere may find to be at times, an almost crippling task – choosing what to read next. It’s like your next literary heroin fix, or what I imagine to be so, from what I have read in books (i.e., see Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series – Chess Putnam being the only chronic drug user I would not flee from in a dark alley). In fact I’m due soon for my next dose of Chess and Terrible (her knee-cap breaking boyfriend with a heart of gold), so much so I may be starting to get a little itchy and twitchy myself.

As I type this, I have an Outlook note posted on my desktop that has about 150 books on it in my reading cue, and many of these are the 1st installment of a series, so you can just imagine how many more books that’ll be in reality.  Years ago I used to buy and keep all my books – sort of a visual catalog of everything I had packed into my brain – the notches on my literary bedpost, as it were.  However the square footage of my “cozy” home being such that it is, that’s just not practical these days.  Subsequently I am a HUGE fan of my local Public Library.

My reading list is broken up into 3 sections; firstly, books I want to read that are not yet at the library.  Every few months I check through that list again and one will show up, like a bibliophilic treasure hunt. Secondly, I have a list of books that are actually at the library. And thirdly, I have the list of all the new books I haven’t yet searched for at the library.  I also have about 12 reviews in my inbox right now of books that have 4+ star ratings that I haven’t even moved over to my lists yet (sigh).

These days, apart from reading classics and classic spin-offs (such as A Jane Austen Daydream, by Scott D. Southard – a must for Jane Austen fans!), I’m reading a lot of paranormal YA, and paranormal romance.  I only subscribe to the Vampire Book Club for fun paranormal fiction recommendations because they have yet to steer me wrong, and I clearly am not in need of any additional daily recommendations in my inbox or on my lists (yipes). You can see what I’m reading on Goodreads. I’m currently reading three books – one of which is Fifty Shades of Grey, which I swore I wouldn’t read, but, I did hear that at the end of the trilogy there’s a bit of a Cinderella twist to the whole thing which helps me to cringe less, AND, I wanted to know why all the fans are opposed to this Charlie Hunnam chap as Christian Grey. He can’t possibly be as far off as Tom Hanks playing Robert Langdon (I’m still gagging), or Tom Cruise as Lestat (however, although completely physically wrong, he did do a great job, I have to admit). I will let you know my review when I finish.  I am at 24% and hands have already been tied once (ahem).

So what will I be reading next? It will either be Balthazar by Claudia Gray (‘tis almost Halloween season, after all), or Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane. How will I decide? It’s still a crapshoot, but after Fifty Shades I have a feeling I’ll need to dip into the YA pool again to cleanse my psyche a bit, if you know what I mean. 

So where do you get recommendations from? What have you read recently that was so gripping that you had to re-read or immediately get the next installment?  Let me know in a comment below, I’d love to know!

Time for coffee… Maddy